Thursday, September 17, 2015

qSandbox Update: WordPress Site Import & Invite Users


We're super happy to announce to you that we've implemented the Site Import feature.
It allows you to import an existing WordPress Site into qSandbox with a few clicks.
All you have to do is package your site using the free Duplicator ( plugin.

[Video] Here as some examples why you might want to import your site into qSandbox

[Video] How to Import an Existing WordPress Site into qSandbox

Oh, we've also added a new feature that allows you to invite people to a given test site.
The access code is automatically included in the email.
Optionally you can chose to have WordPress accounts setup as well.

P.S 1. You have probably seen the updates from the last few months which included FTP accounts, more disk storage and much more.
P.S 2: Let us know what functionality would you like implemented into a future release of qSandbox.


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