Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New updates and fixes & WordPress 4.2.3

As you probably know we've switched to a better server with more resources.
We've fixed lots of bugs.
Updated the test site package to WP 4.2.3 so you won't be prompted to upgrade the test site.
There was a bug which caused the deployed test sites to give Page Not Found error for the home page....yep very annoying.

Big thanks to all of our users who reporting the glitches.

qSandbox Team

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Server Upgrade

We've started the server maintenance.

11AM: The software has been migrated and tested.
6PM: The site is up.
7PM 50% of the sites have been migrated.
8PM: 80% of the sites have been migrated.
9PM: 100% of the sites have been migrated.

Update: July 24 We've received some reports that sites generate forbidden messages or require FTP access to install plugins from we're looking into this.
We've fixed the access denied error. (sites were created in the wrong location).

Thank you for your patience :)