Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Server Upgrade

We're upgrading the server as the current one can't handle the load.
We'll be back shortly ... hopefully :)

Update 1: The MySQL database is 2.1GB and the import will take a while

Update 2: We should have started not with the whole database but with the most important ones first and then import user's databases. Sorry, about that. Next migration will be better.
1,000 databases more to go.

Post migration configuration

Update 3: is finally imported & files transferred. Doing post migration checks

Update 4: We're working on server permissions. The server doesn't want to collaborate ... temporarily

Update 5: all is working properly. Let us know if you notice something broken.

The process took took more time than expected. Thank you for your patience.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Some changes :)

We've been doing lots of improvements under the hood but *forgot* to brag about that.

We've improved the auto-login functionality.
There were issues with the auto login functionality with SSL enabled sites.
The API (currently not available to the public) is being improved.

We'll be launching 2 new products that rely on qSandbox codebase.
One is a hosting platform [Easy WP Host] for small WordPress sites & the second one is an e-commerce platform targeted to the Eastern European market:

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Many Cool Features Added in May 2016

We've made some cool improvements to the qSandbox platform recently

Add recently used sites and the first item is highlighted.

Listing sites should be quicker now.
Improved Security
Made the primary buttons more obvious.
When hovering the domains in dashboard a better greener background is shown
Added quick contact widget (bottom right corner)
Added log in as a given user. This allows you to view the site as any user.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Friday, February 12, 2016

Can you install a WordPress plugin or theme just by pasting the page link?

We've just pushed another cool update to the qSandbox platform.
The new feature allows you to install and activate a theme or a plugin just by pasting the link in the box.

qSandbox Team

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Migrating to New Hosting Provider


A few months ago we switched to a new dedicated server which was affordable and provided lots of resources. That why we were able to provide more disk space and increase the php limits on all plans. 

Unfortunately, the server would go down when there's nobody to take a look at it and the outages ranged from a few minutes to hours and some customers even reported days.

We apologize that your experience with the service was less than perfect.
We're working on fixing this.

We really appreciate your patience.

Update 1:18pm (EST):  the files, databases, config files have been transferred.
Update 3:45pm (EST):  the database was imported (~1GB)
Update 3:45pm (EST):  started recreating user accounts
Update 7:00pm (EST):  sites are up and running
Update 7:00pm (EST):  started migrating FTP accounts...
Update 7:45pm (EST):  FTP accounts are migrated and the ftp server started accepting the passwords.

Lessons learned: we should have switched to the new provider a lot sooner.
Slavi Marinov,
Orbisius & qSandbox Founder,
Phones: Canada: 647-478-6512 | US: 716-514-8880